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The Mad Scientists

September 15, 2008





Uh -, oh – ; the mad scientists are at it again! In their determination to extract nature’s secrets, scientists built a machine so powerful it has raised fears that it might cause the end of the world as we know it.

Enormous sums of money were flowing into this latest project, the so-called “Large Hadron Collider” (LHC) of the international research center CERN. Scientists ask themselves: “What was at the beginning of everything? And how does our universe work?”

They obviously don’t believe that there is a creator. They think that a “Big Bang” created our universe, and are trying to find out what could have happened before the “Big Bang”?

The “Big Bang” is a theory in which the universe supposedly has been expanding for around 13.7 billion years, starting from a tremendously dense and hot state.

So these scientists built a machine to answer that question. CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is supposed to determine the nature of subatomic particles that are thought to have last been seen at the big event 10 billion to 15 billion years ago that led to the formation of the universe. They think that the energy of the collision will reproduce conditions that existed a moment after the “Big Bang” created the universe 14 billion years ago. But of course no one can predict what will happen next.

Discarding the Bible, scientists – people with a degree from a university – spent SFr 6 billion ($5.95 billion) to build this accelerator to “unlock the mystery of creation”.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a giant particle accelerator at the Swiss-French border, stretching for 27 km (17 miles) in a circular tunnel, 100 meters underground. This LHC tunnel runs between Lake Geneva and the Jura mountain range and generates temperatures colder than deep space. It has been in construction for 15 years.

The scientists use this collider to explore the make-up of “dark matter” – the invisible mass of energy – that is believed to make up 96% of the universe. Guided by huge magnets, two proton beams spin around the tunnel in opposite directions until they reach a velocity fractionally below the speed of light.

Last week the accelerator smashed particles together at high speeds within that tunnel. Circling the 27 km ring more than 11,000 times a second, they were narrowed to a point less than half the width of a human hair and smashed into each other. A minuscule nut was designed to crack the proton, the heart of the atom. With it, scientists hope to recreate the conditions which existed after the Big Bang theory.

Professor Jos Engelen, CERN’s chief scientific officer, admitted that he didn’t know what the full impact the results of the experiment will be.

What arrogance of men to question the existence of the Almighty!

Although at the CERN research center experiments have been carried out since the sixties on small particle acceleration with similar atomic crash tests, such a huge big-bang machine has never been implemented before. Firstly, so much energy is set free that tiny black holes could emerge at the collision points. An unsettling vision: in the X-Large-Version in outer space, black holes slurp up everything (even light) in their radius like giant space waste chutes. Will the end of mankind be a self-constructed black mini-hole?

And so today’s mad scientists created an artificial black hole, hunting for that hypothetical particle — the “Higgs boson” — which is sometimes called the “God particle” because it is believed to give mass to all other particles of the dark matter and energy of our universe.

Many of us are stunned to learn that even physicists felt worried enough to mull over the possibility that a new machine might destroy us all!

Even a group of 40 Israeli scientists joined the recreation of the Big Bang in this LHC-machine in Switzerland. They too must think that G-D lied in the Torah when he said that He created the universe.

Of course, there was a Big Bang. There was a BIG BANG when God spoke the universe into its existence!

 “Fools say in their hearts, there is no God.” (Psalms 14:1)