Tremping to Menara

Yesterday we were in Kibbutz Menara.
For those of you who don’t know what a kibbutz is, a kibbutz is a form of communal living that combines socialism and zionism, and was  traditionally based on agriculture. In 1909, the first Kibbutz was established at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee. Kibbutz members found immense gratification in bringing the land back to life by planting trees, draining swamps, and countless other hard-graft activities to make the land (invariably wetlands) productive. The desert began to blossom, just like the prophet Isaiah predicted (Isa.35:1-2).
Kibbutz Menara is way up on the mountain above Kiryat Shmona. You can either take a cable car or the road to get up there. There are only about three buses driving up the hill during the day, so we ended up  walking and “tremping” up the hill. Its actually called hitch-hiking and still an accepted form of alternative transportation here in Israel. In Europe or the USA we would never do such a thing, because of all the crazy murders we have heard about. 
Kibbutz Menara is right on the border to Lebanon. That was the closest I was to the border so far. Here was the street – next to it the fence – and there I could see Lebanon. And I saw it with my very own eyes first a UN post and within only about 30 meters a Hezbullah holdout. I wonder why the UN is there? To observe how many weapons they stockpile so close to the border? – I have heard a lot of stories, but until today I had never seen it myself.
After we got back to our apartment my feet hurt because I wore my cheap sandals instead of my hiking shoes. But it was all worth it. I have now a better understanding of the threat that is luring all along the borders of Israel.
Shalom from Israel – Lilo 

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