“Islam”, Got Questions? Get answers!


After the collapse of Communism almost everyone seemed to be relived. Many thought that all threats to the American way of life had finally vanished. Then the sad events of
9-11 destroyed those hopes.

Today another force is working inside of America. This movement is far more malignant than Communism could have ever been. The movement is Islam, determined to bring our nation under its submission. It poses a much more realistic threat, because we naively believe the politically correct hype about Islam being a peaceful religion being fed to us on the evening news. The fact is – it is a religious as well as a political, economical and social system that demands rule over every aspect of life.

Daniel Pipes wrote in the New York Post: “The ambition to take over the United States is hardly a new one. The first Islamic missionaries from abroad arrived in the 1920s and unblushingly declared, ‘Our plan is, we are going to conquer America.’”

Shamim A. Siddiqi wrote a book on establishing “Islamic rule” in the United States, with the goal of Muslims creating “a strong lobby in Washington for the promotion of Islam in this country as well as elsewhere in the world.” Some organizations also expressed a hope that one day soon Muslims would take over in the United States. – Only about one month after the Sept. 11 atrocities, a delegate at the American Muslim Alliance convention, held in San Jose, announced: “By the year 2020, we should have an American Muslim president of the United States.”

I remember when the PBS documentary, “Jihad in America”, first aired nationwide in 1994. It was produced by investigative reporter Steven Emerson. Shortly thereafter it was however suppressed by the media, and I had difficulties getting the video tape.

Emerson was the first American journalist to document in chilling video the militant Islamic support networks and terrorist groups secretly operating on American soil. Emerson successfully infiltrated key conferences and rallies with hidden cameras in an effort to track down the people responsible for supporting and abetting terrorist activities on U.S. soil. At these events, and on this film, these extremists state their chilling intentions in their own words.

Counter-terrorism officials from the National Security Council, Justice Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) acknowledged that Emerson’s documentary demonstrated that he had more reliable and accurate information about the secret terrorist networks on American soil than the US Government.

Today, a large army of Muslim activists is active in America and its soldiers are working fervently to achieve their goal. It is nothing less than converting Americans to Islam and turning it into an Islamic State. Sadly, in this battle, the most powerful nation on earth is losing ground.

Muslim activists have learned how to manipulate us through our democratic laws and liberal immigration policies. We swung open our doors and they have launched an invasion that is undermining the very fabric of our civilization.

Just last month, an Islam advertisement was displayed on several Chicago Transit Authority buses. American Muslims launched a campaign to inform people about Islam via a bus, – with a simple sign: “ISLAM” Got Questions? Get Answers!

GainPeace, an outreach project of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), was initiated to share Islam with non-Muslims to clarify many misconceptions they may hold due to “biased” reporting in the Media.

The Islam ad campaign does not run in Chicago alone. ICNA, a New York-based grass-root organization that has 22 chapters across the US, has organized similar campaigns in Seattle and New York, Islam newsroom said. Each metro bus was covered on its side and on the top panel with beautiful message of Islam, Inshallah. The group spent $30,900 to place signs on 25 public buses serving across Chicago.

As the buses roam through our cities, making frequent stops, they are promoting the worship of Allah, inviting Americans to study and convert to Islam.

Got any more questions on Islam?


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2 Responses to ““Islam”, Got Questions? Get answers!”

  1. Lilo Says:

    CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader appeared in a new video posted Friday calling on Americans to embrace Islam to overcome the financial meltdown, which he said was a consequence of the Sept. 11 attacks and militant strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  2. Arzo Says:

    Assalamu alaykum.

    I will go to my question, problem directly.

    I am a girl, students in Århus, and I have intention (niyah) about taking down to Cairo in order to study religion.

    That I have left and dreamt about for almost 2 years, but just suddenly my family and some of our friends says, a girl mustn’t travel out in order to study that is what no matter what it’s for, I can not at all understand what they say, now where I am close to traveling, I agree neither with them, consequently it’s just my opinion, thus I do not know what my religion says about that a girl travels in order to study her religion, and in addition must I not travel only, I have to travel together with other girls, is it really correct what they say that I mustn’t travel just because I am a girl or is it just as always, the culture that is involved???

    They also, say that the religion that is in Egypt, it isn’t the correct religion and that it’s the country’s leader’s religion, I cannot remember what his name is, is it correct or what?
    And is it real too, that Egypt is a dangerous country for girls, as if they also say???
    I am very confused and hurt, because I was very certain what I want to, but I want to won’t know soon what I have to believe …
    I need an answer with evidence most quickly most possible, inshaallah.
    By the way, I live in Denmark, but I an from Iraq.

    Salamun alaykum.

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