Just A Small Group Of Fanatics


At the beginning of December, the horror of the Islamic attack in Mumbai shocked the world. Terrorists, armed with automatic weapons and grenades killed at least 101 people and wounded 287 more in Mumbai. Mumbai- formerly known as Bombay – is today’s financial capital of India. The attacks were carefully planned and carried out by devoted Muslims who were more than willing to sacrifice their own lives. The Chabad House attack, in particular, was cruel and hateful.

The coverage of the atrocity in Mumbai was disheartening but thoroughly predictable. Rather than discussing the reason for the attack, the entire focus was on who, which group or other could it be and whatever could they want? There were discussions if it was a new group, or an old one, or a made-up group, and whether or not there was a “link” to Al Qaeda. My goodness, – they called themselves “Mujahideen” (Allah’s soldiers); -the word itself explains the reason for the attack and who they are!

Yet, there was no discussion about the meaning of Jihad, because that would have meant using words like “Islam” and “Muslim” which in turn might have invited criminal legal action from the United Nations for inciting Islamophobia! It might have meant spelling out what a Mujahideen fighting in the cause of Allah (jihad fi sabil Allah) actually believes, and how he justifies violence in the name of his religion.

From the Gaza Strip, Palestinian terror groups keep firing rockets into Israel, while the world keeps talking about a cease fire. There are Fatah and Hamas fighters.

When I visited Israel’s northern border to Lebanon last month, I saw Hezbollah strongholds not far from UN posts. Hezbollah, the “party of God”, is a militant Islamic group in Lebanon.

All these different group names or “denominations” confuse the Westerners. What matters is that they all have a common goal. They are all Mujahideen, – Islamic Jihad fighters.

They believe that Allah called them to Jihad, a worldwide Jihad against western secular materialism, which they believe is the influence of Satan. (They may have a point there!)

They believe that it is every Muslims duty to be a soldier in this “Holy War” against the Western society.
The issues are made clear. Islam declares who its enemy is. According to them, the enemy is every idea, every word and every action that is in opposition to the Will of Allah. In other words – all those who fail to submit to Islam – the infidels.

Their goal is to weaken non-Islamic societies. In the case above, they want the government of India to appease Muslims and meet their demands. And once those demands, whatever they may be, are met, other demands from Muslims will be made, and will have to be met, for there is no end to this.

Now you may understand better what is happening in Israel. Demands after demands and then more demands.

But after each new assault around the world, the media tells us: ”Its just a small group of fanatics.”


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