Preparing For War

I noticed in Israel that the IDF was training for the next war. We saw trucks moving, nights we heard airplanes flying.

In Israel, the people are focused and making preparations. Unfortunately these preparations are for war, thanks to the friendly neighbors in Gaza who keep threatening them or launching rockets.

Yes, you heard right, rockets from Gaza continuously land in Israeli towns and farms, but it is not reported on the news, except in Israel. The western media is not interested in reports about daily rocket attacks. They only start reporting, when Israel does something. Consequently the West thinks that Israelis are aggressive, and the poor Palestinians Arabs are “innocent” victims.

Yet, the truth is, that for the past seven years missiles have been flying out of Gaza into Jewish towns and Kibbutzim traumatizing everyone, sending children running for bomb shelters.

News came out of the Knesset a few days ago that we should expect an invasion by the IDF into Gaza some time soon. One would think it was about time even for this weak failed Israeli Kadima Government to do something. No other country in the world would endure rocket attacks like a sitting duck, without retaliation of some sort.

So, the next Middle Eastern war is just around the corner and undoubtedly will be broadcast live on all the major networks in prime time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will be attempting to destroy significant elements of the leadership and rocket squads of Hamas (the acronym of Harakat al-Muqawima al-Islamiyya, translated as ‘The Islamic Resistance Movement’. Hamas is just one of the many groups of Jihad warriors, who want to bring the West under submission to Islam. – Most people who know about Islam are aware of that, except for Jimmy Carter. He thinks because Hamas leaders wear business suits when they go to a meeting, they can’t possibly be terrorists! LOL!

We also note that Hamas receives much of its military and financial support from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran – in turn – gets help from Russia.

Many are concerned, if the IDF masses a large amount of forces in the south, it will weaken our front in the north for Lebanon, Hezbollah and Syria to attack and we are told that they are ready and waiting. This gives Israel more than one front to fight on at the same time, not to speak of the possibility that Iran will join in with their missiles and possibly with nukes. And maybe even Russia extending help to the Islamic Jihad warriors against the west.

At the moment, the nations of the world are caught in molasses, responding to Iran’s actions without any great urgency. Some voices in the US are deeply concerned. But Israel’s concern goes way beyond deep. It is existential.


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