Darfur – Islam and Racism

darfourWe have heard Sudan periodically mentioned in the news over the last several years. Darfur, a region the size of France, was an independent sultanate until 1916. Its inhabitants are Sudanese farmers, mostly of black African stock and outlook, growing sorghum, millet, groundnuts and tomatoes, and nomadic Arabs, raising camels and cattle, who mostly regard themselves as ethnic. Since the 1970s, climate change has accelerated desertification, adding pressure on northerners to move southward. That led to conflicts in Darfur between settled farmers and nomads migrating in search of water and pastures have been commonplace for centuries, but traditionally solutions were reached by negotiation. The Darfur conflict was driven by “friction between farmers and herders and shepherds. Among the biggest problems is that of water, which is used to exploit the differences and fuel the conflict.”

These conflicts, however, intensified during the 1980s and 1990s, aggravated by drought and the government policy of selectively arming tribesmen while removing the weapons of the farmers. Because livestock is Darfur’s main export, the pastoralists have more influence in this region than in places where Khartoum favors settled communities.

Many will remember that Osama bin Laden made Sudan his base of operations before he relocated to Afghanistan. Sudan was chosen by Osama bin Laden because it has an Islamic oriented government with whom he had a friendly relationship until he became too much of a liability.

The fact that Osama bin Laden and the Sudanese Government had much in common for several years, should speak volumes about the nature of at least northern Sudan.

The Sudan also made front page news in the 21st century because of its ties to Islamic terrorism. The Sudanese Government and Sudanese Arab militias have been waging a long-term Jihad against the non-Muslim, non-Arab southern Sudanese population for decades.

It is a classic Islamic Jihad of the type that has resulted in the slaughter of millions of people over the centuries. The Sudanese Jihad, which most reporters only refer to as “genocide,” has killed an estimated 2,000,000 people and rendered countless other people refugees.

Sudanese Jihadists engaged in mass slaughter, gang rape and other terrible atrocities. 60 Minutes reported, for example, that the men in destroyed villages were killed, cut to pieces, and thrown into the water supply in order to contaminate it. One village after another had been completely destroyed by the same combination of terror, slaughter, and expulsion so effectively used by Muhammad to gain mastery of the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century. The Sudanese Muslims appeared to be following Muhammad’s example just as the Qur’an commands.

The Sudanese Jihad was carried out in an age of communication ease and technological wonder that would make the reporting of the complete story – despite its remote location – quite feasible. But that was not happening. It was not happening because telling the world that a modern Jihad has been ongoing for years, which has resulted in mass slaughter, rape and genocide, doesn’t fit into the world view of the mainstream media.

The media simply attributed the cause of the conflict to a genocide resulting from “Arab racism.” The words Islam and Muslim(s) were never mentioned, even though the conflict has its origin in Islamic doctrine and the northern Muslim southern non-Muslim divide.

The news described the horrific reality of the “genocide” without a connection to Islam. A fitting analogy was made between “Nazi death camps” and the “death villages” in southern Sudan. 60 Minutes aired footage of destroyed villages and starving children. The story also acknowledged that the southern Sudanese are targets because “they are not Arabs.” That is true enough, but the story does not explain that the significance of not being Arab is that they are not Muslim which is quite hypocritical given that the mainstream media and academia generally like to praise Islam as having allegedly eliminated racism. 60 Minutes also placed some blame on Sudan’s Muslim dictator al-Bashir, without mentioning that he is also a Muslim.


It is clear that Islam is responsible for the genocide in Darfur. Islam’s involvement in a long-term genocide is occurring in a country whose national anthem begins with the words: “[W]e are the army of God . . .”, wherein the Muslim Jihadists yell “Allahu Akbar” as they attack, slaughter and rape non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, the UN holds world-wide conferences against racism. Three conferences have been held so far, in 1978, 1983 and 2001. The 1978 World Conference against Racism was held in Geneva, Switzerland. A major focus on the conference were South Africa’s apartheid policies of racial segregation and discrimination. Entitled “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance,” the conference was discussing unfair treatment of one group against another. The World Conference against Racism in Durban was originally planned as a platform to focus on the world’s underrepresented human rights causes. How did we all of a sudden get from the Jihad in the Sudan to Israel?

Here is the twist! Instead of focusing on Islamic Jihad in Darfur;
… only one nation is singled out for condemnation: Israel.
…only one cause merits attention: Palestine
…and only one religion merits protection: Islam

How did this happen? Where did it begin? – Why did a conference to commemorate the dismantling of South Africa as an apartheid state all of a sudden call for the dismantling of Israel as an apartheid state?
Much of the deliberations had overt anti Semitic tones. Disproportionate amount of time was focused specifically on Israeli treatment of Palestinians, while flagrant violations of human rights and genocide in other parts of the world were ignored.

The conference culminated in a call by a majority of countries to re-establish the UNGA 3379 resolution from 1975 equating Zionism with racism!

“The conference really has nothing to do with racism at all, but it has to do with forcing the nations of the world to accept Islam under the guise of racism”.


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