Money for Gaza

gaza-2I wish it was only a nightmare, and I could wake up from a bad dream. But this is all really happening. Crazy things cannot possibly happen in real life, are happening.

The USA – a country who is quickly losing its wealth – is pledging $900 Million to Gaza.

Israel National News reported on February 24, that a senior official in the Obama administration promised, the U.S. would transfer 900 million dollars to Gaza as part of a renovation effort following Operation Cast Lead. The money is supposed to pass through the hands of the UN and non-governmental organizations and not Hamas.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in her first foray into Middle East diplomacy, landed in this Red Sea resort on Sunday, carrying a pledge of $300 million for war-torn Gaza.

The United States further promised an additional $600 million to the Palestinian Authority to cover a budget shortfall and to bolster the Palestinian economy. Some of that money may also end up in Gaza, large parts of which are in ruins after Israel’s military assault on the militant group Hamas. Much of it is supposed to go to the West Bank, where the Palestinian Authority is in control.

Newspapers around the world published the story in disbelief. Has America gone mad?

People are out of work, houses are not selling, nobody is buying, but Obama is passing money out like candy. Where is all that money coming from?

That’s almost a billion dollars! $900 million U.S. taxpayer dollars (in addition to $85 million pledged in December) to bail out Hamas in Gaza? Are they smoking crack in Washington?

What about war torn Israel? Who cares that they still have missiles raining down on them daily… it just doesn’t matter. Who is helping them? Not the USA, as we can see from her actions.

This is the nightmare. How do you wake up from a nightmare when you are not asleep?

No one is starving in Gaza; no one ever did because Israel won’t let it happen. But many may soon starve in the USA, because their tax-dollars have to support Islamic Jihadists.

Bailing out mortgages is one thing – bailing out terrorist organizations is something else.

Oh my, have people gone mad in America?


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