Do you feel the ice-cold wind blowing from the White House?


Dear Friends,

Do you feel the ice-cold wind blowing from the White House?

Just last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the United States to make it a priority of stopping Iran from pursuing the nuclear bomb that threatens Israel’s existence.

Netanyahu didn’t go to the White House seeking a photo opportunity. He went to ask for American leadership and support in dealing with the out-of-control Iranian nuclear threat that is primarily directed against the Jewish state. Israel’s leader simply asked the US to help stop Iran from acquiring the means to inflict a holocaust on the Jews.

But the Obama administration refused. “Get going with the two-state solution”, Obama shot back, “and we’ll be better able to deal with Tehran. If there is a linkage between Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, I personally believe it actually runs the other way,” the American President Hussein Obama said. “To the extent that we can make peace with the Palestinians – between the Palestinians and the Israelis, then I actually think it strengthens our hand in the international community in dealing with the potential Iranian threat.” – The president went on to suggest that he might reassess his “let’s talk” approach to Iran if, by year’s end, there was no sign it was having an effect.

Netanyahu’s position was that it is necessary to deal with Iran first, and with the “Palestinian” question later. – Netanyahu expressed his appreciation, but administration officials “close to Obama” later quickly emphasized that no deadline had been set.

I find it interesting that just two days after Netanyahu met with Obama, Iran successfully test fired a ‘Sajil’ surface-to-surface missile with a 1,200 mile range.

Israel is less than 1000 miles from Iran just over one week later, America was standing on the edge of a potential nuclear conflict with North Korea, which test-fired an atomic warhead and launched a handful of surface-to-surface missiles in a defiant show of force. – How interesting then, that exactly one week after spurning Israel’s appeal, the United States this week suddenly finds itself confronting a nuclear-detonating, missile launching North Korea?

It looks like Israel stands alone against the threat, but nobody will help America either.

When, in 2004/5, the Sharon government was preparing to uproot the Jews of Gaza, destroy their homes and hand over that territory to the Palestinian Arabs because America pressured Israel to expel the Jews from Gaza we had the Hurricane Katrina that caused the people to flee their homes at the exact same time. – :

“Was Katrina the fist of God?”

As we do unto Israel, so will it be done to us.

It’s just an observation, a thought of mine. What do you think?

Shalom – Lilo


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