Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

Throughout history the Almighty “blesses” sin-laden people with leaders who deceivingly purport to represent them for good and just reasons, but in the end they lead their nations and those who populate them to destruction and ruin. They have a corrupt heart, revel in their wickedness and enable evil.

“Their deeds are deeds of wickedness, their hands produce violence. Their feet run to evil, they rush to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of wickedness; their paths lead to havoc and ruin. The way of peace they do not know ; their goings-about obey no law ; they make devious paths for themselves: no one treading them will ever know peace.” (Isaiah 59:6-8)

The people are paying a high price for their sins. The sovereign G-D who rules will not be mocked. No government exists and no individual rules, but what He allows. Nations who flaunt their wickedness are as rotten fruit and an affront to a righteous and holy G-D. They often end up being plucked and eliminated.

There are no secular solutions for a spiritual disease. G-D delivers those who do His bidding and who rely on Him in all things. Repentance and a spiritual return to G-d is the only remedy.

“Thus says the L-RD; cursed be the man that trusts in humans, who relies on merely human strenghth, whose heart turns away from Adonai .” (Jeremiah 17:5)

We reap exactly what we sow. – Righteous and virtuous people can expect righteous government and virtuous leaders; an unwholesome and iniquitous people can expect the same unwholesomeness from those who rule over them.

The Bible is full of examples. When the children of Israel obeyed G-D, he blessed them with rich harvests and peace, when they disobeyed, there was trouble in Israel, and the people experienced not only famine and disease, but were also overwhelmed by their enemies.

In America we can see the same. The unholy trio, Clinton, Bush, and Obama have brought this nation and its people down a crooked road to an imminent disaster of unknown proportions.

It seems to me that we should listen to Samuel who instructed King Saul: “Surely obeying is better than sacrifice.” (1 Samuel 15:22)


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