What Is Going On?

What is going on? – I was reading in our SWI news – my husband puts together everyday –that the U.S. deployed two Patriot missile systems into four Islamic countries–Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. Furthermore the US is also keeping Aegis cruisers, which can shoot down medium-range missiles, on patrol in the Gulf.

I guess, the idea behind the sales of anti-missile systems to those countries, is to deter Iran from launching attacks against its Sunni Muslim neighbors and to send a message to Israel that a pre-emptive strike against Iran is unnecessary. By selling conventional American weapons, Washington hopes to stop a nuclear arms race in the region.

These are major defensive and foreign policy decisions all went forward without an “official” announcement. The news media seems to be lost for an explanation because this Administration has been so determined to engage Iran in talking rather than any action. This unannounced, sudden and substantial defensive fortification in the area is likely to raise tension not only with Iran, but also with Iran’s allies, Russia and China.

For almost ten years, America accused Iran of building nuclear bombs and the missile system to deliver them. The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency denied Iran’s intentions until recently, giving the terrorist sponsoring nation the needed time to build such weapons. Russia and China have continually blocked any substantial action against Iran from their positions on the U.N. Security Council. Here is what’s happening: The White House has been trying to prevent Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear sites. And now the White House has beefed up defenses in the Persian Gulf area and is selling more weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states at an accelerated pace.

Arming Islamic enemies of Iran is a doubled edged sword. It is putting a huge amount of firepower in the hands of Islamic rulers whose hatred for Israel runs far deeper than their hatred for their Islamic brothers.
Meanwhile Arab voices were fanning Middle East war fever Wednesday night, Feb. 3. Debkafile’s military sources report that not only are Syrian leaders beating war drums – Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallem said in Damascus: “Israelis, do not test the power of Syria since you know the war will move into your cities” – but Egyptian military sources have put out information purporting to outline Israel’s preparations to strike Iran.”
At this time, the terrorist group Hezbollah has reportedly 40,000 missiles aimed at Israel. Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says “Iran will deliver a telling blow to global powers on February 11,” –the anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution.”

Are we approaching the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy, where Adonai speaks of Russia, Persia and all the nations in the region in the latter days: “…you will invade my people Israel like a cloud covering the land?” (Ez.38:16)?


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