What Is Happening On Planet Earth?

A devastating magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck Chile early Saturday morning, shattering buildings and bridges, killing at least 700 people and setting off a tsunami that threatened every nation around the Pacific Ocean — roughly a quarter of the globe.

What is happening on planet Earth?

Last November, governmental representatives from 170 countries went to Copenhagen for the “Climate Gate Conference”. Remember?

They met to discuss Global Warming, the theory that mankind’s liberation of “greenhouse” gases—such as carbon dioxide—is leading to a relentless, unprecedented, and ultimately catastrophic warming of the entire planet. They met there seeking to prevent global warming and climate changes with new laws about carbon emission.

There is no doubt that mankind has liberated huge quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the past two centuries. But mankind did not “create” this carbon dioxide out of nothing. It was released by the burning of “fossil fuels”, created by the Earth from the remains of plants and animals (who themselves ultimately obtained their nutrition from those plants).

Where do you think those plants got their energy and carbon dioxide from? – They absorbed the radiant energy of the Sun, and breathed in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as plants continue to do today. In other words, when we burn fossil fuels, we are utilizing a small part of the solar energy that had been collected and stored by plants over millions of years, and in the process we are liberating into the atmosphere the carbon dioxide that those plants had absorbed from the atmosphere in the first place.

We all know by now that there is no such thing as global warming. The recent snow storms across America and Europe bear witness that it has been getting colder.

Indeed, strange things are happening in both outer and inner space. The Earth’s magnetic field has been weakening. Scientists say that this decrease actually began about 2,000 years ago, but the rate of decrease suddenly became much more rapid 500 years ago. However, in the last 20 years or so, the magnetic field has become erratic. – I find this very significant. Just think of biblical events that took place during that time.

The decline in the magnetic field is also opening the Earth’s upper atmosphere to intense charged-particle radiation, according to scientists.

The Sun floods the planets of the solar system with heat, light, UV radiation and electrically charged particles. The Sun itself has a magnetic field, and that magnetic field creates an “egg” around the solar system that is known as the heliosphere. The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long, thin end of the drop pointing away from the direction in which we’re travelling.  – Any changes that occur in or on the Sun will eventually affect every person alive.

According to NASA, the Sun is beginning another 11- year cycle of activity. The Sun flips its magnetic poles every 11 years. Considering that the Sun is to blame for some unfavorable climate changes on the Earth, the coming decade could spell more trouble for our planet.

Mankind can’t control the changes in our solar system. G-D himself is shaping our way of life on this planet; and the changes we are now seeing with our Sun, the solar system and the Earth’s magnetic field may be the very things that transform our world as we know it into something new when the Messiah arrives.

We truly live in very interesting times!


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