Hillary’s Harsh Words for Israel

Last Friday, Hillary Clinton telephoned the Israeli Prime Minister and expressed frustration over Israel’s announcement of new settlement construction, a move that deeply embarrassed visiting U.S. Vice President.  Clinton warned Benjamin Netanyahu that his government sent a “deeply negative signal” by taking steps that undermined renewed Middle East “piece”- (often spelled “peace”-) talks. She insisted that Israel had undermined trust and confidence in the peace process … Netanyahu really got an earful as State Hillary Clinton lashed out verbally at him on Shabbat.  Such harsh language was never before directed at a friend and ally of the United States.

If you remember, – Netanyahu issued a 10-month building freeze in Judea and Samaria in November 2009, because of US pressure. This was supposed to reignite those piece talks.

In March, Defense Minister Ehud Barak approved the building of 112 homes in the Judean hareidi-religious community of Beitar Illit. Israel’s Interior Ministry announced plans to develop 1,600 new residences in the large Ramat Shlomo hareidi-religious neighborhood, in northeast Jerusalem. 

But Biden issued a strong statement against the Jerusalem construction.  “I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem,” Biden said.  “The substance and timing of the announcement, particularly with the launching of proximity talks, is precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now and runs counter to the constructive discussions that I’ve had here in Israel.”

In a Friday interview with CNN, Clinton called Israel’s building announcement “insulting” to the United States, and reaffirmed the US commitment to the “two-state solution.” “I mean, it was just really a very unfortunate and difficult moment for everyone,” said Clinton, “and I regret deeply that that occurred and made that known.”

Following Clinton’s phone call on Shabbat, Prime Minister Netanyahu called the leaders of Italy and Germany to discuss what had happened.  He assured them that regulations would be put in place to prevent such an occurrence in the future. 

U.S. envoy George Mitchell is expected to arrive in Israel on Tuesday, and will meet with the Prime Minister.  However, PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said that the PA may not engage even in indirect negotiations with Israel unless the Jewish state reverses its decision to build in Ramat Shlomo.

Why does America think it can dictate how many houses should be built in Jerusalem?  Is it one of their cities?  The gradual and steady destruction of Native American culture is a shameful chapter in Americas’ history.  Shouldn’t America return those occupied territories before they start telling other countries what to do? – That, by the way, is exactly the reason why other countries dislike Americans; because they always try to tell everyone else what to do.

Yet U.S. Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama did not hold back in condemning the humiliation caused to Joe Biden with the Israeli announcement of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem during what was supposed to be the vice president’s friendly visit to Israel. Instead of accepting Netanyahu’s partial apology and letting bygones be bygones, Obama issued a stern warning to the Israeli prime minister and is now demanding that he take “specific actions” to show he is “committed” to the U.S.-Israel relationship and to the piece process itself.

It looks like the prime minister has reached the moment of truth, where he must choose between his beliefs and political cooperation with the right on one hand, and his need for American support on the other.


It is a difficult dilemma. If he comes into conflict with the U.S. administration – hoping his friends in Congress and the Jewish-American community support him in the name of Washington’s obligation to the “eternal capital of the Jewish people” – he could jeopardize Israel’s security cooperation with the Americans against Iran. Netanyahu knows that the fuel and spare parts for Israel’s air force, as well as the warning signals for missiles headed this way, all come from the United States. He also knows that Israel has no other allies with which to face the threat posed by the Islamic Republic.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu tried to calm down the political crisis with the United States and told the Cabinet Sunday morning “not to get carried away and to calm down” following the unprecedented public rebuke from top American officials.

When God gave us the land in Gen. 12:3, He really meant it.  You see, God cannot lie and He says what he means and means what He says.  When the White House pressured Sharon to disengage from Gaza, it resulted in over 9,000 Jews becoming refugees in their own country, – and to this day many of them are still homeless.  Within a day or so of this New Orleans was destroyed,  causing hundreds of thousands of Americans to become refugees in their own country, and rendering nearly a million homeless.  Dozens of these correlated events have occurred every time the White House forced Israel to make concessions to the enemies of G-D and of Israel. 

Now the US has sent its VP and Secretary of State to force Israel to split the country by making sure the “Palestinians” have a contiguous state and yet there is no other way to do that without cutting Israel in half. 

In the news we hear of the coming big earthquake in California – but little is said of the New Madrid Fault that starts in Missouri and goes south to Mississippi.  This could cut the US in half causing millions to be affected and many killed.  Since G-D repays Israel’s enemies with the same medicine, this would certainly be a possibility considering what we have witnessed over the past few years.  One thing is certain, God will always do what He says, Gen: 12:3. – America, your downfall is closer than you think.

 Meanwhile, in Israel, the Government has now quietly started issuing the new gas masks, including the nerve gas shots. Local Israeli papers have issued warnings to everyone to stock their bomb shelters with the necessary supplies and to be sure they can be sealed properly.

There seems to be not much difference in the behavior of the average Israeli.  They have been there before and know they will survive and be able to fight the enemy when the time comes.  On the other hand, they also know that something will happen very soon. If they are worried, they just try not to show it.

Israel will not be destroyed, and the Messiah will plant His Feet on the Mount of Olives and when He does the whole world will know all about it.  We have to understand is that the Master of this World has set the Redemption of His Nation Israel into high gear with the resettlement of the Land of Israel in our time, the rebuilding of Jerusalem, the ingathering of the exiles, and reemergence of Israel as a world power during the last 62 years. All of this is to establish “Malchut” – the Kingship of G-d over the world.

For the Jew, Israel  is and will be the safest place on earth, and many are beginning to wake up to that fact, as they start to leave Europe while the airlines are still operating. 

G-d’s plan for Israel in particular and the world as a whole – as promised to the Prophets of Israel – will surely come to pass.


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2 Responses to “Hillary’s Harsh Words for Israel”

  1. attendingtheworld Says:

    Why does America think it can dictate how many houses should be built in Jerusalem? Is it one of their cities?

    No you moron… because we give you $15 billion in AID which translates into $30,000 for every Israeli while our 14.9 million ADULT Americans are unemployed!

    It is because your little country which represents no more than 0.001 of the World’s population, get 1/3 of the total foreign aid budget of the United States!

    It is because the 1976 Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Bill of 1961 forbids the United States from giving foreign aid to any nation that is developing nuclear technology outside the NNPT

    It is because Nazism was ERASED from the face of the earth but Zionism quickly came to do the same and worse!

    So you better listen-up you NaZionists! If you want OUR money, then you better spend as we tell YOU!


  2. lilo97423 Says:

    The reason there are no more jobs in America is because all goods are now manufactured in China. You can thank Clinton for that..

    Nazism is alive and well, even in America. Have you never seen any Neo-Nazis or Skinheads?

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