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Jihad at Times Square

May 5, 2010

We’ve all heard it, – Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen, who had recently returned from a five-month trip to his native Pakistan, was arrested at a New York airport on charges that he drove a bomb-laden SUV meant to cause a fireball in Times Square, federal authorities said.

Shahzad was on board a Dubai-bound flight at Kennedy Airport when FBI agents and New York Police Department detectives took him into custody late Monday, law enforcement officials said. The airport in Dubai is the Middle East’s busiest and a major transit point for passengers traveling between the West and much of Asia, particularly India and Pakistan.

The SUV was parked on Saturday night on a busy midtown Manhattan Street near the offices of Viacom Inc., which owns Comedy Central. The network recently aired an episode of the animated show “South Park” that the group Revolution Muslim had complained insulted the Prophet Muhammad by depicting him in a bear costume….

Whose prophet? – Oh no, – NOT another act of Jihad! Did you read that word in the news paper? Did you hear it on TV? – Not once, by anyone in the Obama administration, are the words “Muslim” or “Islam” connected with “terrorism”.

The explosive device inside the had cheap-looking alarm clocks connected to a 16-ounce can filled with fireworks, which were apparently intended to detonate gas cans and set propane tanks afire in a chain reaction “to cause mayhem, to create casualties,” police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

A metal rifle cabinet placed in the SUV’s cargo area was packed with fertilizer, but NYPD bomb experts believe it was not a type volatile enough to explode like the ammonium nitrate grade fertilizer used in previous terrorist bombings. – Good, that he chose the wrong fertilizer!

Police said the SUV bomb could have produced “a significant fireball” and sprayed shrapnel with enough force to kill pedestrians and knock out windows.

A vendor alerted a police officer to the parked SUV, which was smoking. Times Square, clogged with tourists on a warm evening, was shut down for 10 hours. A bomb squad dismantled the explosive device, and no one was hurt.

“It’s clear,” he said, “that the intent behind this terrorist act was to kill Americans.”

More than a dozen people with American citizenship or residency, like Shahzad, have been accused in the past two years of supporting or carrying out terrorism attempts on U.S. soil, cases that illustrate the threat of violent extremism from within the U.S.

Among them are Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, a U.S.-born Army psychiatrist of Palestinian descent, charged with fatally shooting 13 people last year at Fort Hood, Texas; Najibullah Zazi, a Denver-area airport shuttle driver who pleaded guilty in February in a plot to bomb New York subways; and a Pennsylvania woman who authorities say became radicalized online as “Jihad Jane” and plotted to kill a Swedish artist whose work offended Muslims.

After authorities pulled Shahzad off the plane, he admitted he was behind the crude Times Square car bomb, officials said. He also claimed to have been trained at a terror camp in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region of Waziristan, according to court documents. That raised increased concern that the bombing was an international terror plot.

According to an official who spoke to The Associated Press Shahzad, the son of a former top Pakistani air force officer came to the United States in late 1998 on a student visa. He took classes at the now-defunct Southeastern University in Washington, D.C., and then enrolled at the University of Bridgeport, where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer applications and information systems in 2000.

That’s how they come into this country. They study at our universities, and during their free time they train for Jihad.

The car bomb in Times Square was an attempted Islamic jihad attack. It wasn’t the work of a lonely extremist or a tea party member. How do we know? Because Faisal Shahzad attended a Jihad training camp in Pakistan. He just recently spent five months in that country, including some time in Peshawar, a center of Al-Qaeda and Taliban activity. A Pakistani Taliban group claimed responsibility for the attack — a claim that American authorities immediately dismissed, but which came to the surface when Shahzad’s Pakistani connections were revealed.


Worldwide Jihad in Russia

March 29, 2010

Two female suicide bombers killed at least 40 people on packed Moscow subway trains on Monday, stirring fears of a broader campaign in Russia’s heartland by Islamists from the North Caucasus.

Witnesses described panic at two central Moscow stations after the blasts, with morning commuters falling over each other in dense smoke and dust as they tried to escape the worst attack on the Russian capital in six years. Sixty-four others were injured, many gravely, and officials said the death toll could rise. Russia’s top security official said the bombs were filled with bolts and iron rods.

The chief of the FSB, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB, said: “Body parts belonging to two female suicide bombers were found … and according to initial data, these persons are linked to the North Caucasus.”

“Everyone was screaming. There was a stampede at the doors. I saw one woman holding a child and pleading with people to let her through, but it was impossible.”

“They are simply beasts,” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said of the bombers after laying a bouquet of red roses on the platform of one of the metro stations. – “We will find and destroy them all.”

Surveillance camera footage posted on the Internet showed several motionless bodies lying on the floor or slumped against the wall in Lubyanka station lobby and emergency workers crouched over victims, trying to treat them.

The current death toll makes it the worst attack on Moscow since February 2004, when a suicide bombing killed at least 39 people and wounded more than 100 on a metro train.

Chechen rebels were blamed for that attack. Rebel leader Doku Umarov, fighting for an Islamic emirate embracing the whole region, vowed last month to take the war to Russian cities. – “Blood will no longer be limited to our (Caucasus) cities and towns. The war is coming to their cities,” the Chechen rebel leader said in an interview on an Islamist website. The website is updated by Muslim rebels seeking to create their own state in the Chechnya region.

The Chechen rebellion began in the 1990s as a largely ethnic nationalist movement, fired by a sense of injustice over the 1940s transportation of Chechens to Central Asia, with enormous loss of life, by dictator Josef Stalin. Largely since the second war, Russian officials say, Islamic militants from outside Russia have joined the campaign, lending it a new intensity.

Chechen terrorists have been responsible for previous mass casualty attacks in Russia, including a 2002 attack on a Moscow theater and the 2004 Beslan school massacre, in which terrorists took more than 1,100 people – including over 770 schoolchildren – hostage, ultimately killing hundreds.

Though the majority of suicide bombers have been male, female suicide bombers have carried out a number of attacks since 1985. Some militant organizations have used women to carry out suicide bombings because they draw less suspicion than men and go through less rigorous security checks. For example: while a man can be checked to see if he’s carrying an explosive belt by simply lifting his shirt, ordering a woman is much less acceptable, particularly in the Islamic world. Israeli security procedures practice is that a suspected woman is to be checked by a female soldier in a screened off area.

British spy satellites have intercepted terrorist communications from Pakistan and Yemen, talking about women suicide bombers getting explosives put inside breast implants.

 The British Intel Service reported that several plastic surgeons, who were trained in some of London’s best hospitals, have returned to their home countries to perform the surgeries. – Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose said the industry’s technology makes the bombs possible and easy. – It’s unknown how well full-body scanners would detect explosives inside implants.

 The Quran explicitly talks about female virgins with large eyes as rewards for men. On the contrary there is not a single “women will get guys as a reward” verse. – I wonder if these female suicide-bombers are all Lesbians?

Al Quaeda Jihad Yockeys

December 29, 2009

You already heard about the Delta jet heading into Detroit on Christmas Day, when the Nigerian passenger who lit a device intending to blow up the plane.

Passengers on the flight saw Abdulmutallab go to the bathroom for approximately twenty minutes. Upon returning to his seat, Abdulmutallab stated that his stomach was upset and he pulled a blanket over himself. His seat in aisle 19 was over the fuel tanks of the jetliner and at the window, where an explosion would have had maximum effect. But the terrorist didn’t expect the quick-thinking response of a fellow passenger, Jasper Schuringa, a video director from Holland.

The minute Schuringa heard the firecracker-type popping, smelt the smoke and saw the fire coming from the opposite side of the plane, he leapt over seats and passengers to get to the source. – When he got to Abdulmutallab, Schuringa started searching his body for explosives and took a syringe that was melting and smoking from the Nigerian’s body. He used his hand to put out the fire. – Then fire started under his seat.

“Water, water”, screamed Schuringa. Cabin attendants rushed with fire extinguishers to control the flame.

But the Dutchman was not satisfied that all was under control, and along with an attendant, dragged Abdulmutallab from his seat into the first class compartment where “we stripped him to see if he had any more explosives”. They then handcuffed the suspect to a stationary object. – Thank G-D for a man like Schuringa, who acted quickly and with courage!

23 year-old Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab is an engineering student at University College of London. He was flying from Nigeria to the United States for a “religious ceremony”. Really? What kind of a “religious ceremony”? Islamic Jihad on the air-plane??

An FBI analysis found that the device AbdulMutallab carried aboard the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, contained the explosive pentaerythritol tetranitrate, known as PETN.

The amount of explosive involved was sufficient to blow a hole in the side of the aircraft, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN Sunday.

Penthrite was first synthesized in 1891 by Bernhard Tollens and Wiegand by nitration of pentaerythritol. In 1912, after being patented by the German government, the production of PETN started. PETN was used by the German Army in World War I.

PETN seems to be used as an igniter for TATP, acetone peroxide, an organic peroxide and a primary high explosive. It takes the form of a white crystalline powder with a distinctive acrid odor which seems to be the explosive of choice if its homemade. Many suicide bombers were found with both PETN and TATP in the explosive vests they used. In December 2001, PETN was the igniter used by – “shoe bomber” Richard Reid – in his attempt to blow up American Airlines Flight 63 from Paris to Miami. He had intended to use the solid triacetone triperoxide (TATP) as a detonator.

On 28 August 2009, PETN was used in an attempt to murder the Saudi Arabian Deputy Minister of Interior Prince Muhammad bin Nayef by a Saudi suicide-bomber (Abdullah Hassan al Asiri) linked to an Al Qaeda cell based in Yemen. The target survived, and the bomber died in the blast. The PETN was hidden in his anal cavity.

And sure enough, Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack on a plane about to land in the U.S.! – In a tape released four days before the attempted destruction of the Detroit-bound Northwest plane, the leader of al Qaeda in Yemen boasted of what was planned for Americans, saying, “We are carrying a bomb to hit the enemies of God.”…Which God? Allah, the moongod? – Jihad again came to America! But president Obama keeps ignoring Flight 253 jihadist’s ties to Al-Qaeda and Fort Hood imam, and calls him “isolated extremist”. Say what? Al-Quaeda just admitted they sent him and they will send more.

Nigeria’s “This Day” newspaper said he had been given the nickname “Alfa” — a local term for an Islamic scholar — while at school in Togo, for his preaching to other students. He also made two trips to Yemen during his student days for short Arabic and Islamic courses, according to a family friend…. Why is it as soon as Muslims begin studying the Koran and believe its content, they start killing people?? – Isn’t it supposed to be a peaceful religion?

To top it off, Abdulmutallab was on a terror watch list, and had been known to anti-terror officials for several years. This didn’t prevent him from boarding Flight 253 – showing that such lists and even official scrutiny are as useless as taking off your shoes in the airport security line. What’s more, the Jihadi’s father warned American officials about his son, who was being watched already. And still nothing was done to keep him from boarding the plane….He was even able to board the flight in Amsterdam without his passport.

Nevertheless, he made it on the plane with Jihad Jockeys. The underpants came with a special pouch sewn by al Qaeda’s finest seamstresses. In it was a condom packed with 80 grams of PETN, a compound that’s a key ingredient in the plastic explosive Semtex. The suicide bomber tried to set it off by using a hypodermic needle to inject it with a powerful acid, while trying to hide his actions by putting a blanket on his lap. Luckily he only managed to set his crotch on fire. – Do you think he still gets 72 virgins?

Khalid’s Trial is America’s Trial

November 14, 2009


Jihad at Fort Hood

November 7, 2009

Fort Hood Shootings

In 1994 I watched a PBS documentary from Steven Emerson. The film, Jihad in America, featured hiddencamera footage of men publicly raising money for terrorism in U.S. hotel conference rooms. The men were speaking in Arabic. With the help of a staff of researchers Emerson followed the terrorists’ monetary sources and monitored their attacks and plans. He obtained videotaped evidence of terrorist training camps and conferences, and tracked the international connections of American operatives to over a dozen organizations.

On September 11, 2001, Islamic hijackers intentionally crashed two airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others who worked in the buildings.
Jihad had come to America!

What is Jihad? – In the Arabic language the word “Jihad” literally means, “to strive,” and “to struggle” against disbelievers. – For 1400 years, Muslims always understood the meaning of Jihad as Islamic Holy War. Islamic scholars, Mullahs, Imams, etc., all over the world will agree with this meaning of Jihad. – Technically, Jihad is war against non-Muslims (Jihad al-kuffar or Jihad against the disbeliever).

Early Islam was spread in the Arabian Peninsula solely by holy wars (Jihad). Islam was propagated as a religion by series of wars/battles. As many as 78 historic battles were fought by the Prophet Muhammad himself. And out of 78, only one (battle of ditch) was defensive war, and the rest were all offensive wars. The Prophet Mohammed and his successors initiated series of offensive wars against pagan Arabs, Jews, Christians, etc., to spread or to impose Islam by force as well as to seize the abundance (booty) of these lands.

After Prophet Muhammad gained enough might in his force while in Medina, the tradition was to send an invitation of Islam to various Arab Tribes or countries. First, an invitation to pagans to accept Islam, then war against those who refused to accept Islam. A typical invitation to the people of the book (Christians and Jews) was: “Embrace Islam, or pay the poll-tax (Ziziya), or fight to death.”

You see; the concept of an offensive war to spread the faith of Islam is a genuine Islamic concept. It is considered a Holy War (Jihad), for the sake of Allah. It is not a peaceful struggle, by any means.

In the Qur’an we can find hundreds of verses (Ayats) that dictate to fight holy wars (Jihad) against non-Muslims infidels. Here is one of them: Qur’an-(9:5): “When the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)”.

In the Muslim community, Jihad is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force.

The majority of the Qur’an’s texts clearly identify Jihad as physical warfare, and the Muslim community always understood these texts to be taken literally. From the time of Muhammad onwards, Jihad as physical warfare in support of Islam, has always been a reality for every Muslim.

Hence, it comes as no surprise when terrorists use the Qur’an to justify their actions, as did Nidal Malik Hasan, the shooter in this week’s Fort Hood massacre, who said: “Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressor,” before he killed 13 people and wounded 30 others.

The father of one of the soldiers said he heard the shooter exclaim “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire, reported KSL-TV in Salt Lake City.

According to a doctor who was in a graduate program with him, Nidal Malik Hasan, regularly described the war on terror as “a war against Islam.” – Islamic jihadists routinely characterize anti-terror efforts as part of a “war on Islam.”

But of course, there is no war on terror, and there is no war on Islam. There is just the Islamic Jihad against the U.S. and the West.

Four Muslims Didn’t Read The Memo…..

May 21, 2009


Four Muslims arrested in plot to bomb New York synagogues

Four Black Muslims in New York don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the jihad terror threat is all over.

“NBC: 4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets: Suspects were under heavy surveillance, authorities say,” from NBC News, May 20 (thanks to Pamela):

WASHINGTON – Four men have been arrested in a plot to attack several targets in the New York City area, including synagogues, federal and local authorities told NBC News Wednesday.
Authorities said the four men have long been under investigation and there was little danger they could actually have carried out their plan, NBC’s Pete Williams reported.

Investigators say the four, described as Black Muslims from the Bronx, had planned to place bombs at various targets. But New York city police and federal agents got wind of the plot and kept the men under careful surveillance.

In fact, officials say, the men recently bought what they thought were explosives, which they put in storage lockers outside the city. But what the men did not know is that the material they bought was actually harmless, sold to them by informants posing as explosives dealers….

Two years ago, two Muslims pleaded guilty to plotting to attack synagogues in Los Angeles. But officials said that they knew of no connection between those arrests and this latest plot in New York.


“FBI arrest four in alleged plot to car bomb Bronx synagogue,” by Alison Gendar and Helen Kennedy for the New York Daily News, May 20 (thanks again to Pamela):

The FBI busted a homegrown terror cell late Wednesday night as the men sneaked around a Jewish temple in Riverdale planting what they thought were packages of C-4 explosives, sources told the Daily News.
The four men also allegedly had what they believed was a working Stinger missile in their car: officials said they wanted to shoot down a plane near Stewart Air National Guard Base.

Sources said the four men were arrested after a year long investigation that began when an informant connected to a mosque in Newburg said some militants wanted to buy eplosives.

FBI agents posing as militants sold them what they thought were C-4 and a plane-downing Stinger missile.

The weaponry was all phony.

The men were arrested as they planted fake bombs in front of the Riverdale Temple in the Bronx and under cars parked in front of the synagogue.

They also allegedly planned to blow up a second synagogue, the Riverdale Jewish Center….

Darfur – Islam and Racism

March 1, 2009

darfourWe have heard Sudan periodically mentioned in the news over the last several years. Darfur, a region the size of France, was an independent sultanate until 1916. Its inhabitants are Sudanese farmers, mostly of black African stock and outlook, growing sorghum, millet, groundnuts and tomatoes, and nomadic Arabs, raising camels and cattle, who mostly regard themselves as ethnic. Since the 1970s, climate change has accelerated desertification, adding pressure on northerners to move southward. That led to conflicts in Darfur between settled farmers and nomads migrating in search of water and pastures have been commonplace for centuries, but traditionally solutions were reached by negotiation. The Darfur conflict was driven by “friction between farmers and herders and shepherds. Among the biggest problems is that of water, which is used to exploit the differences and fuel the conflict.”

These conflicts, however, intensified during the 1980s and 1990s, aggravated by drought and the government policy of selectively arming tribesmen while removing the weapons of the farmers. Because livestock is Darfur’s main export, the pastoralists have more influence in this region than in places where Khartoum favors settled communities.

Many will remember that Osama bin Laden made Sudan his base of operations before he relocated to Afghanistan. Sudan was chosen by Osama bin Laden because it has an Islamic oriented government with whom he had a friendly relationship until he became too much of a liability.

The fact that Osama bin Laden and the Sudanese Government had much in common for several years, should speak volumes about the nature of at least northern Sudan.

The Sudan also made front page news in the 21st century because of its ties to Islamic terrorism. The Sudanese Government and Sudanese Arab militias have been waging a long-term Jihad against the non-Muslim, non-Arab southern Sudanese population for decades.

It is a classic Islamic Jihad of the type that has resulted in the slaughter of millions of people over the centuries. The Sudanese Jihad, which most reporters only refer to as “genocide,” has killed an estimated 2,000,000 people and rendered countless other people refugees.

Sudanese Jihadists engaged in mass slaughter, gang rape and other terrible atrocities. 60 Minutes reported, for example, that the men in destroyed villages were killed, cut to pieces, and thrown into the water supply in order to contaminate it. One village after another had been completely destroyed by the same combination of terror, slaughter, and expulsion so effectively used by Muhammad to gain mastery of the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century. The Sudanese Muslims appeared to be following Muhammad’s example just as the Qur’an commands.

The Sudanese Jihad was carried out in an age of communication ease and technological wonder that would make the reporting of the complete story – despite its remote location – quite feasible. But that was not happening. It was not happening because telling the world that a modern Jihad has been ongoing for years, which has resulted in mass slaughter, rape and genocide, doesn’t fit into the world view of the mainstream media.

The media simply attributed the cause of the conflict to a genocide resulting from “Arab racism.” The words Islam and Muslim(s) were never mentioned, even though the conflict has its origin in Islamic doctrine and the northern Muslim southern non-Muslim divide.

The news described the horrific reality of the “genocide” without a connection to Islam. A fitting analogy was made between “Nazi death camps” and the “death villages” in southern Sudan. 60 Minutes aired footage of destroyed villages and starving children. The story also acknowledged that the southern Sudanese are targets because “they are not Arabs.” That is true enough, but the story does not explain that the significance of not being Arab is that they are not Muslim which is quite hypocritical given that the mainstream media and academia generally like to praise Islam as having allegedly eliminated racism. 60 Minutes also placed some blame on Sudan’s Muslim dictator al-Bashir, without mentioning that he is also a Muslim.


It is clear that Islam is responsible for the genocide in Darfur. Islam’s involvement in a long-term genocide is occurring in a country whose national anthem begins with the words: “[W]e are the army of God . . .”, wherein the Muslim Jihadists yell “Allahu Akbar” as they attack, slaughter and rape non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, the UN holds world-wide conferences against racism. Three conferences have been held so far, in 1978, 1983 and 2001. The 1978 World Conference against Racism was held in Geneva, Switzerland. A major focus on the conference were South Africa’s apartheid policies of racial segregation and discrimination. Entitled “World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance,” the conference was discussing unfair treatment of one group against another. The World Conference against Racism in Durban was originally planned as a platform to focus on the world’s underrepresented human rights causes. How did we all of a sudden get from the Jihad in the Sudan to Israel?

Here is the twist! Instead of focusing on Islamic Jihad in Darfur;
… only one nation is singled out for condemnation: Israel.
…only one cause merits attention: Palestine
…and only one religion merits protection: Islam

How did this happen? Where did it begin? – Why did a conference to commemorate the dismantling of South Africa as an apartheid state all of a sudden call for the dismantling of Israel as an apartheid state?
Much of the deliberations had overt anti Semitic tones. Disproportionate amount of time was focused specifically on Israeli treatment of Palestinians, while flagrant violations of human rights and genocide in other parts of the world were ignored.

The conference culminated in a call by a majority of countries to re-establish the UNGA 3379 resolution from 1975 equating Zionism with racism!

“The conference really has nothing to do with racism at all, but it has to do with forcing the nations of the world to accept Islam under the guise of racism”.

Just A Small Group Of Fanatics

December 12, 2008


At the beginning of December, the horror of the Islamic attack in Mumbai shocked the world. Terrorists, armed with automatic weapons and grenades killed at least 101 people and wounded 287 more in Mumbai. Mumbai- formerly known as Bombay – is today’s financial capital of India. The attacks were carefully planned and carried out by devoted Muslims who were more than willing to sacrifice their own lives. The Chabad House attack, in particular, was cruel and hateful.

The coverage of the atrocity in Mumbai was disheartening but thoroughly predictable. Rather than discussing the reason for the attack, the entire focus was on who, which group or other could it be and whatever could they want? There were discussions if it was a new group, or an old one, or a made-up group, and whether or not there was a “link” to Al Qaeda. My goodness, – they called themselves “Mujahideen” (Allah’s soldiers); -the word itself explains the reason for the attack and who they are!

Yet, there was no discussion about the meaning of Jihad, because that would have meant using words like “Islam” and “Muslim” which in turn might have invited criminal legal action from the United Nations for inciting Islamophobia! It might have meant spelling out what a Mujahideen fighting in the cause of Allah (jihad fi sabil Allah) actually believes, and how he justifies violence in the name of his religion.

From the Gaza Strip, Palestinian terror groups keep firing rockets into Israel, while the world keeps talking about a cease fire. There are Fatah and Hamas fighters.

When I visited Israel’s northern border to Lebanon last month, I saw Hezbollah strongholds not far from UN posts. Hezbollah, the “party of God”, is a militant Islamic group in Lebanon.

All these different group names or “denominations” confuse the Westerners. What matters is that they all have a common goal. They are all Mujahideen, – Islamic Jihad fighters.

They believe that Allah called them to Jihad, a worldwide Jihad against western secular materialism, which they believe is the influence of Satan. (They may have a point there!)

They believe that it is every Muslims duty to be a soldier in this “Holy War” against the Western society.
The issues are made clear. Islam declares who its enemy is. According to them, the enemy is every idea, every word and every action that is in opposition to the Will of Allah. In other words – all those who fail to submit to Islam – the infidels.

Their goal is to weaken non-Islamic societies. In the case above, they want the government of India to appease Muslims and meet their demands. And once those demands, whatever they may be, are met, other demands from Muslims will be made, and will have to be met, for there is no end to this.

Now you may understand better what is happening in Israel. Demands after demands and then more demands.

But after each new assault around the world, the media tells us: ”Its just a small group of fanatics.”