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The Muslim-Nazi-Connection

October 18, 2010

In 622 AD, Muhammad left Mecca for the city of Medina, where he established a paramilitary organization that would spread his influence throughout Arabia.

According to the Hadith, the recorded sayings and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, the prophet explains that Jihad is a holy war in Allah’s cause. What is Allah’s cause? To bring all unbelievers under the submission of Islam, because Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life.

Islam spread far from its birthplace in the modern nation of Saudi Arabia.  By AD 1095, Muslims ventured into European lands. They came through Africa into Spain and marched from Turkey all the way to the gates of Vienna. Look it up in a history book, if you are not familiar with the crusades and Europe’s struggle push the Muslims back at that time.

Has anything changed since then? No, – the same battle is still raging world-wide. Only the methods have become modernized. No longer on horseback with a wielding sword, today’s Muslim Jihad warriors use cars, airplanes and bombs!

Forward history to the 1920s, when a young Egyptian named Hassan al-Banna formed a group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler. In the 1930s, al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi intelligence. Islam had much in common with the Nazi doctrines. The Muslims hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It therefore became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as an army inside Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood began to expand its influence during World War II. They even had a Palestinian section headed by the grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was the Muslim Brotherhood representative for Palestine. He even went to Germany and helped recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis.

At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was wanted for war crimes. Their German intelligence handlers were captured in Cairo. The whole net was rolled up by the British Secret Service. But guess what happened?

Instead of prosecuting the Nazis — the Muslim Brotherhood — the British government hired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and for three years they were trained on a special mission. The British Secret Service wanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike down the infant state of Israel in 1948! Only a few people in the Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab Armies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant State of Israel were the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood. – Britain was not alone. The French intelligence service cooperated by releasing the Grand Mufti and smuggling him to Egypt, so all of the Arab Nazis came together.

But the Egyptians became nervous. Nasser ordered the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt or to be imprisoned.

Now the story gets even better; during the 1950’s, the CIA evacuated the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. When they arrived in Saudi Arabia, some of the leading lights of the Muslim Brotherhood like Azzam, became the teachers in the Madrasas, the religious schools where they taught Islamic Nazism.

So the Muslim Brotherhood became this poison that spread throughout the Middle East and around the world.

There are many flavors and branches, but they all have the same goal in common. What’s the goal? Remember Allah’s cause? Do you want to know the names of the different groups?

  Muslim Brotherhood:          

  •  Hamas     (Militant Palestinians)
  •  Fatah       (Moderate Palestinians)
  •   Hezbulla   (Party of God)
  •   Al Quaeda (Military Base)
  •   Taliban (Students of Islamic Knowledge)

Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, said: “We are all parts of the same body… We all should fight against the mutual enemy.” That’s how Jihad is fought on a global level.

Do you see the connection now?


Terrorist Wielding an Axe

April 6, 2009

Last week, a Muslim terrorists killed a 16-year-old boy in Bat Ayan in Gush Etzion with a pickax. He was murdered by an Arab terrorist Thursday morning. A seven-year-old child was also injured.

The wounded child was evacuated to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in
Jerusalem. A hospital spokesperson reported that the seven-year-old suffered from a fractured skull. The child is currently in moderate condition.

According to eyewitness reports, the terrorist fled the scene after running wild and attacking passersby. Residents alerted the security forces to the scene.

“The terrorist came in with an axe and injured two boys from Bat Ayin,” said Mayor Shaul Goldstein.

A resident who wrestled with the murderer managed to slow him down and deter him from continuing the attack, failed to stop him completely; he managed to escape into the hills that surround the community.

The mayor noted that no Palestinian workers were employed in the town: “It is clear that the terrorist came in with the intention of murdering and terrorizing. The only way he could have come in was through infiltration.”

The attacker apparently entered Bat Ayan, located between Jerusalem and the southern West Bank city of Hebron, unhindered. The religious settlers have refused to build a security fence around their community – standard practice in most settlements – saying it would be a sign of weakness.

A murky Palestinian militant group calling itself the Martyrs of Imad Mughniyeh claimed responsibility for the attack in an e-mail sent to the AP. They are a part of Fatah’s military arm, the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

Just imagine; – running after children with a pickax and murdering them by breaking their skull. – But killing and injuring children is part of the pathology of an Islamic mind. This abnormal mind is the mind of our enemy. The Muslim mind is twisted early in life.

“The first thing we learned growing up was to hate Jews,” says Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist.

“I’ll never forgot the first song I learned in school, ‘Arabs our beloved and Jews our dogs.’ I used to wonder at that time who the Jews were, but repeated the words with the rest of the kids without any knowledge of the meaning.” I memorized all the Palestinian revolutionary songs. And all of them are about death. The PLO songs he recited growing up, contained words like, “Sharpen my bones into swords and make my flesh into Molotov cocktails.”

Muslim kids grow up with hatred. Later they kill, steal and destroy. They lie, and then they die for Allah, who seems to desire all this evil.

It surely must not be the same God as the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not only does He command us not to murder: (לא תרצח – lo tirzach)”. (Deuronomy 5:17), but He also says: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself ( ואהבת לרעך כמוך – ve ahavta l’reakha kamokha.)” (Leviticus 19:18).

The King of Pop left the Kingdom Hall for the Kaaba!

March 25, 2009


Did you know that Michael Jackson recently converted to the “peaceful religion of Islam”?

Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29, 1958, as the seventh child of the Jackson family. He began his professional music career at the age of 11 as a member of “The Jackson 5” and began a solo career in 1971 while still he was still a member of the group.

He was born in Gary, Indiana (an industrial suburb of Chicago, Illinois) to a working-class family. The son of Joseph Walter “Joe” and Katherine Esther, he was the seventh of nine children. His siblings were Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Randy and Janet. Jackson was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses by his devout mother.

Well, guess what? The King of Pop left the Kingdom Hall for the Kaaba!

Michael’s intentions to convert to Islam were reported as far back as November 2005 in a report released on the website of the Arab-Israeli newspaper, Panorama. The report was based on information elicited from sources in Bahrain. At that time Jackson had officially announced that he had been following the five tenets of Islam and intended to convert to Islam.

Jackson had also announced he was moving to Bahrain and had purchased some real-estate on an artificial island there. Jackson said he intended on moving all his assets and his studio from the U.S. to Bahrain, and had expressed that this way he would be rid of his various legal troubles. His desire was to enjoy the kind of “freedom” he says he doesn’t have in America. The singer said he felt Islam was the closest religion to his personal beliefs. – The World’s No 1 Pop Music Star Michael Jackson had transformed to Islam changing his name Meekaeel.

Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s brother has also converted to Islam. “There you are protected [from parents’ lawsuits]”, he said.

As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson converted to Islam on the very eve of child-molestation charges being filed against him, reports the New York Post.

You may remember that in 1993, Michael Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse by Evan Chandler, on behalf of his then-13-year-old child, Jordan Chandler. Jackson and Jordan had become friends in May 1992, to the father’s disapproval and concern. The friendship became well known, as the tabloid media reported that Jackson became a member of the Chandler family unit. Under the influence of a controversial sedative administered by Evan Chandler, his son said that Jackson had touched his penis. Evan Chandler was tape-recorded threatening to damage the singer’s music career, and engaged Jackson in unsuccessful negotiations to resolve the issue with a financial settlement. Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation, and oral sex, as well as giving a description of what he alleges were the singer’s genitals.

In April of 2004, the grand jury returned an indictment charging 46-year-old Michael Jackson with child molestation and a conspiracy count alleging child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion. The indictment also included four counts of lewd acts involving a minor child, one count involving an attempted lewd act upon a child and four counts of administering an intoxicating agent.

So why would Islam be the closest religion to his personal beliefs? Maybe because Islam founder was also a child molester? The mere thought of an old man becoming aroused by a child is one of the most disturbing thoughts that make me cringe as it reminds me of pedophilia and the most despicable people. It is equally difficult to accept that the Muhammad married Aisha when she was 6-years-old and consummated his marriage with her when she was 9. He was then, 54 years old.

Anyway, it’s only been a few months since Jack converted to Islam and already he’s begun to threaten others with violence and “bloodshed.” “Claim: Jacko’s Rep Threatened Harm from Nation of Islam,” from Fox News, March 24:

Last week, Julien and his partner Martin Nolan entered affidavits into Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that an associate of Jackson’s suggested they were in danger from the Nation of Islam if they didn’t stop the auction scheduled for Los Angeles next month.

Jackson’s representative, James R. Weller, Julien says, met with him and Nolan on February 9, 2009 and threatened him with reciprocity from the Nation of Islam. For most of 2004, Jackson was managed by Leonard Muhammad, son in law of Louis Farrakhan. His security was provided by the NOI as well throughout his 2005 trial for child molestation.

“During the meeting, Weller told Martin and me that our lives would be in danger if we did not postpone the auction. Weller said if we refused to postpone it, we would be in danger from “Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam; those people are very protective of Michael.”</em>

Julien’s statement continues: “He told us that Dr. Tohme and Michael Jackson wanted to give the message to us that our lives are at stake and there will be bloodshed.”…

Oh my, I thought Islam was a peaceful religion? Maybe I was wrong? – Lilo